James on orchestrating Lesley Barber’s 2016 Film Score ‘Manchester by the Sea’.

James is currently arranging and orchestrating Lesley Barber’s latest score for ‘Manchester by the Sea’, written and Directed by Oscar – Nominated filmmaker Kenneth Lonergan. The film stars Casey Affleck, Michelle Williams and Kyle Chandler, and co-produced by Matt Damon.

James : “I’ve worked with Lesley orchestrating and conducting a number of her scores for movies over the past 15 years or so. I love her approach to scoring movies; although she is completly driven by the drama, storyteling etc, she still manages to construct every piece of the score in her own unique musical voice regardless of the genre of film. When orchestrating for her I have to break manmy of the conventional practices in orchestration, she is the only composer that I have ever worked with where I worry before the recording sessions that my orchestrations might not quite work, of course they always do, but I’m always being challenged with her music, its all very unconventional, but what we end up with is always a unique sounding score that only she could write, and is both sensative and complimentary to the film’s storytelling”.

‘Manchester By The Sea’ release date: Sundance Film Festival 23rd January 2016

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